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Biopic of Bob Crane from Hogan’s Heroes starring Greg Kinnear and his mysterious death that still remains unsolved.

Greg Kinnear played Bob Crane as very skittish kind of man. I really don’t know anything about Bob Crane so he might have been like that, but it was a tad unnerving to watch. Crane was way into sex–taking pictures of it, filming it–but hid it for a long time. Then he just didn’t care anymore. The more people were offended by it, the more he kept saying he was normal. He had a friend named John Carpenter (not the director guy) who was beyond creepy.


This movie was just creepy. I was wondering if they were going to do more with the whole murder and not knowing who killed him and whatnot, but it just had a little voiceover at the end. This was an odd movie. It wasn’t horrible, but I don’t think I’d recommend it to anyone.

Rating: C-


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