The Village


A village of people live a simple life but are afraid of things that live in the woods surrounding their valley.

I saw the reviews for this movie and everyone talks about a twist. I think if you go into watch the movie as just a movie instead of a M. Night Shamalyan movie, then you’ll enjoy it a lot more. I really liked it.


I thought it was really pretty movie to look at and had a great love story in the middle of it. The stuff in the forest was spooky, but I really enjoyed the love story. And if you have noticed in other reviews, I will roll my eyes right away at any lovey-dovey crap that just goes over the edge on sappy. This wasn’t sappy. There was good chemistry between the two people. I don’t want to give too much away for those that haven’t seen it. It was great with the movie theater filled with teenagers (damn school being out) kept jumping at every little thing. That was worth it, especially since Marci wanted to kill all the teens in the theater before the movie started.

Adrian Brody was really funny and sad at the same time. I think he did a good job making me laugh at him, feel sorry for him because he doesn’t understand, and get really mad at him all at once. Ron Howard’s daughter is the main person in the movie, and it was her first movie role. You can’t tell. She’s really good. Joaquin Phoenix is also good, but I started remembering him as the little porno freak kid in Parenthood. That made me laugh and I’m not sure why I remembered that during this movie since it has nothing to do with the movie.

There is a twist in the movie. Actually I thought there were a few minor ones and then the big one at the end, but there are hints of what is going on along the way. Maybe since it isn’t such a shocker that critics don’t really like it. Whatever, I enjoyed it.

Rating: A-

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