The Butterfly Effect


Ashton Kutcher has blocked out some painful childhood memories. He discovers he is able to go back and forth in time and he tries to fix past wrongs, yet it always makes everything else extremely different. That damn tricky time travel.

I thought this movie was pretty good, but if you are going to watch it, you have to but aside any disbelief. It was filled with major plot holes with the time travel. It was also confusing in parts. When he went back and changed one thing and didn’t like it, he went back to a different point to change things, but I was unsure if the other stuff he had changed had also happened or didn’t. I think the movie needed to be a lot longer to explain all of the stuff going on, but seeing the different realities was pretty cool.


Also, the DVD went all wacko in one part. We couldn’t fast forward past the skipping part so we had to go to the next chapter. We figured out what happened soon after, but it would have been nice to actually see the rest of the scene.

Ashton Kutcher didn’t act like an idiot so I guess he can act. I forgot that I was actually watching Kelso so I think that’s pretty good. If I can’t separate an actor from a previous character then I think they pretty much suck as an actor.

Finally, the way he actually time traveled was super goofy. It was another thing that needed suspension of disbelief because reading words from your journal and watching them go squiggly is quite a neat trick for time traveling. I should try that but the last time I wrote in a diary was eighth grade and no way in hell do I want to go back there. 

Rating: B

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