The Last Samurai

Civil War guys train the Japanese how to use guns so they can wipe out the last of the samurais until Tom Cruise goes and gets himself kidnapped by them. Then he rethinks his thoughts.

I thought this movie was pretty good. I didn’t think it was spectacular or the best movie of last year (even if you don’t count LOTR) or anything like that. I actually was expecting a bit more from it, but I still thought it was a good movie. It wanted to be an epic movie by being long, but it still didn’t have that epic feel. With each movie that I watch him in, the more I don’t think Tom Cruise has any acting range. He just acts the same in each movie, no matter what. Cocky, self-assured guy that has a troubled past or something hidden deep inside him that needs to get out.

Ken Watanabe who played Katsumoto was awesome. He’s the reason to see the movie. I think they should have had the movie centered around him and from his point of view more. He didn’t talk as much, but he did a much better job of acting. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at last year’s Oscars. Tim Robbins won it, which I still agree with, but he definitely deserved to be nominated.

There was also some random love story thrown in there with Katsumoto’s sister and Tom Cruise and that’s exactly what it felt like–thrown in.

I fell asleep in the beginning a bit and then woke up for some fight scenes. Then fell asleep during some of the romance stuff but woke up at the end for some more fight scenes. The ending made me very sad. Even though I knew what was going to happen, Katsumoto still made me sad. Also, the emperor of Japan was a huge wuss!

Rating: B-

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