Kill Bill Vol. 2


Uma Thurman is back to finish off her list of killing people.

Wow! I can’t wait to see the two movies back to back as one big giant ass movie. This second movie had a lot more dialogue in it and not as much fighting. The fighting it did have was awesome. It didn’t have goofy Monty Python-style spurting blood from the first, which was hilarious, but the fight scene with Darryl Hannah’s character tops any other fight scene. I can’t give away why it was so awesome because it would ruin it for whoever is going to watch it, but I almost kick myself in the face with my knee going “ooooh oow gah!” I think that’s a good reaction.


This movie explains everything you wanted to know about the first movie and it has little random stories that Tarantino likes to put in there. I really enjoyed this movie and didn’t think it was too long. Of course I also took a little nap during the beginning with some scenes with Mr. Blonde. oops! I didn’t miss what was going, but I missed whatever he said to Uma Thurman. Maybe that’s why it didn’t seem too long, but when it came up with the “Final Chapter” the guy behind us said “Thank god.” Shut up dumb man!

Finally, this movie has a funny old asian man with a super long white beard that he likes to grab and flip. He was too funny.

Weeeee for an overall awesomely fun movie to watch. The two parts really need to be seen together though.

Rating: A

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