Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted

OMG what a pile of cotton candy, cheesy, fluff. Yes I went to see this, I even laughed a couple of times – but the feeling I had when I left this was that I needed to go do a couple shots of tequila to regain my womanhood.

Basic plot Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty meets Everquest. Ella is given a gift by a fairy as a baby (Sleeping Beauty was going to prick her finger on a spindle), this gift was to be obedient. (You tell her “pick your nose” she has to do it.) Her mother dies and her father finally remarries. (Enter the evil step mother and two evil step-sisters a la Cinderella.) The older of the two, figures out that she has this problem which gets her into all kinds of trouble. How does this meet Everquest you ask – as it turns out the Prince’s Uncle (Current King until the Prince is of age) has put laws in place making Elves only able to dance, sing and juggle – he has forced the Giants to do labor and the Ogres are outlawed. Ella of course wants to save them all. Along her journey to find the fairy who gave her the “gift” she meets an elf, some giants and some ogres – oh and meets and falls in love with the prince. With a bunch of gooey sillyness in the middle – in the end she gets her man and rids herself of her “gift.” BTW, through out the movie they had music you would recognize. Some oldies and some current/semicurrent.

To top all the sappy-ness off they end the fluffy pile o’fluff with a song and dance number.

LamW – 0

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  1. I like cotton candy. I could see this at the theatre that has cotton candy at the snack bar, but I won’t, cuz it sounds lame.

  2. I forgot to mention the glass slippers – granted she didn’t wear them and lose one – she was told to “steal” them. And the house fairy (Minnie Driver) at one point turns her (the house fairy’s) boyfriend into a pumpkin.

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