What a Girl Wants


Girl goes to England to announce to a rich guy that he is really her father.

When I was in a hotel room in Dallas, I wanted something on television that could half pay attention to while I read my book. The only movie channel was HBO and it looked like this movie just started so I watched it.


I’m not sure how much I missed, but she had just arrived in England when I started watching it. Based on the length of the movie I saw, it didn’t seem like I missed too much.

Oh my god, this was dumb. It was extremely lame. Everyone was a stereotype instead of actual characters. They kept telling each other to just act like themselves. It was like watching Saved By the Bell or some other similarly stupid show. Amanda Byrnes can’t act either.

There was nothing redeeming in it, such as good music or an extremely fat cat.

Rating: F

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