David Cronenberg makes a crazy movie. What you say? I know it’s a shocker. This time a schizophrenic played by Ralph Fiennes is released from the hospital, but maybe he isn’t quite ready.

Yes, I actually watched a movie with “spider” in the title, but there were no spiders shown in the movie. Thank god! It was Ralph Fiennes character’s nickname when he was a boy since he was fascinated by spider webs. Weirdo.


If you have watched any of David Cronenberg’s other movies (Naked Lunch, Crash, eXistenZ, Dead Ringers) then you know he is seriously messed up and his movies are quite disturbing to watch. This one wasn’t really filmed like those movies. It was different.

Ralph Fiennes was awesome as a loony man. He mumbles through most of the movie. There are times when the movie hardly had any dialogue but I wasn’t ever distracted. I was always thinking about what his character must be going through at that point trying to put together what happened to him when he was young and sent to the asylum. That part is quite messed up but not in the messed up way that Cronenberg’s other movies are in that there is no weird bug thing spewing stuff. That’s always lovely.

Rating: A-


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