Anger Management

Anger Management


Adam Sandler is sent to anger management class and Jack Nicholson is his teacher.

I wish Adam Sandler would start making funny movies again. All of this movies have the same theme and they really haven’t been as funny as Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. This movie really didn’t do much for me. I was wondering why I was watching it.


The only part I really liked was the fat cat clothing line. Actually, they could have just shown the fat cat on the screen for about 20 minutes and that would have been great. I would have laughed and laughed and then moved onto something else.

Instead I got to watch this and be bored hoping that the fat cat would make another appearance. I would have rated this movie much lower without the cat. This movie makes it into the C category because of the cat.

Rating: C-

3 Replies to “Anger Management”

  1. Darren and I were watching this in our room. I actually got up so bored in the middle so that I could soak my recently ingrown toenails removed toes.

  2. I had no idea that Adam Sandler had sunk this far. I mean, he’s not exactly famous for highbrow humor, but there’s something about a penguin in Bridgette Wilson’s apartment that makes me laugh uncontrollably. Nothing about this movie made me laugh like that. Not even close. Apparently, Sandler thinks if everyone on the east coast makes a cameo, the irony will overcome us all.

    Good: His anger groupmates were pretty funny, especially the lesbians.

    Bad: Jack Nicholson was pretty awful. And, pretty much the whole premise sucked.

    At least its better than Little Nicky.

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