The Italian Job



Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron execute the perfect robbery only to have Edward Norton steal all the loot! Mini Coopers are the answer to getting the money back while looking cute and tiny in the process.

I think this movie started out cool and ended cool and then dragged in the middle. I enjoyed it though. Mark Wahlberg wasn’t in the movie enough to get top billing. I have no idea what his character was really about. Charlize Theron had more of a storyline than he did. Actually Seth Green, The Napster!, had more of a storyline than Mark Wahlberg. I couldn’t understand half of what Handsome Rob was saying, but that’s okay.


I like the heist in the beginning and the big car chase stuff at the end. I like Edward Norton, but I didn’t like him in this movie. His mustache just made him look sleazy, which I guess fit his character but yuck! It was too distracting.

Fun movie though.

Grade: B


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