Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl


Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are pirates named after the Disneyland attraction.

I thought it was highly amusing. Orlando Bloom was quite hot and Johnny Depp was hilarious. I liked the special effects. I giggled and thought of Amy whenever I saw the monkey. She must like it how the monkey bit it at the end though. It was a bad, bad monkey.


I loved all the little bits and pieces from the ride. They had the pirates trying to convince the dog with the key ring to get them out. They had signs that are up around the ride. I think I might have rode the ride at Disneyland one too many times to pick up on everything but I thought it was cool.

Rating: A-

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  1. After the Governer’s daughter, Elizabeth Swann, is kidnapped by the Pirate Captain Barbossa, Elizabeth’s childhood friend Will Turner must team up with rogue pirate Jack Sparrow to save her. Little do they know that these pirates are cursed. Forced to exist between living and dead, and only revealing their skeleton forms in the moonlight, the pirates intend to use Elizabeth’s blood and necklace (a part of their curse) to return to their normal state. (Copied from IMDB.)

    EXCELLENT! I was very pleased with this movie. I went into it thinking it was just going to be another silly film, but WOW. They have scenes where the pirates turn from skeleton things to humans to skeletons to humans (etc) – just amazing cinematography. Very pleased with Johnny Depp’s character. And ok WOW I see what you guys were saying about Orlando Bloom! HOT HOT WOW WOW. Definately worth the tickets.

  2. weeeeeeee! fabulous hotties and pirates! this is was a great movie!

    The only part I didn’t like was the monkey – I’m sure you all could guess that was what I didn’t like.

  3. It was pretty good, but its epicness was somewhat lost on me. It was also long as hell, which is starting to become bothersome to me as I get older. I would also say that Keira Knightley is a buxom wench.

    Good: Pirates, Johnny Depp and his gayness, the aforementioned buxom wench

    Bad: Too long, a blockbuster with no real blockbuster moments

    Overall: I’m somewhat less swelled now, still very sick nonetheless.

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