Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

A guy returns to his hometown to protect people from the Tooth Fairy.

I love good horror movies or even ones that make me jump a lot, but in order for all of that to happen there has to be something left to the imagination. This movie didn't do any of that. I didn't jump once.

I was yelling at the screen and guessing what was going to happen the entire time, like when she went into the bathroom and got something out of the medicine cabinet. I yelled, "Someone is going to be in the reflection when you close the mirror." Shocker! There was someone there.

The tooth fairy's porcelin mask was too close to the Scream mask so it wasn't really frightening. We kept hoping someone would get chopped in half when the elevator got stuck halfway between two floors and of course dropped after that, but nope. This was no Final Destination movie.

I did giggle when all the random insignificant people didn't last two seconds on the screen, but it wasn't as funny as Final Destination and not as scary as any other horror movie I have ever seen. It wasn't truly horrible to warrant an F grade, but it was boring and not scary.

Rating: D-

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