School of Rock

School of Rock

Jack Black finds himself unemployed after his band kicks him out. He impersonates a substitute teacher and makes a new band with his fifth graders.

This was written by the same guy that wrote The Good Girl so I knew it was going to be a bit odd and it was, but in a good way. This movie was pretty funny.

Even if you aren't a fan of Jack Black (and I think a little of him goes a long way), you can enjoy this movie. He isn't too spazzy and plays off the kids well. The kids aren't annoying and there is no chance for anything sappy happening in this movie because Jack Black would never be in a sappy movie.

Fun movie. We saw it at the beer theater during the matinee so that's the one where the kids actually get to attend. Many kids were rocking out to the movie, but none of them were talking all the way through it like they do at the Harry Potter movies.

I should add this movie was entertaining enough for me to stay awake since we got there at 1pm and the movie started at 2:30pm and we drank some beer, Stoli & Coke, lemondrops and more beer before and during the movie. I had every opportunity to fall asleep while watching this movie, but I didn't.

Rating: B

4 Replies to “School of Rock”

  1. I thought it dragged at first but then I got into it about 30 mins in. It was funny and the kids were good.

  2. I watched this on tv recently. It was a great, sitting at home, don’t wanna think movie. I think it’s worth renting.

  3. I thought this movie was entertaining enough to spend $4.00 to buy it. Why didn’t things like this happen to me as a kid.

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