Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Frodo and Sam follow Gollum into Mount Doom to finally destroy the ring and they will encounter a big, nasty spider. Aragorn gathers all of Gondor together for big massive fights with all the baddies from Mordo fightin gfor Sauron.

This movie is awesome! I have no idea which one of the three I like best because they are all super cool. This one has some added stuff to it, such as a bit more back story about Gollum. I like the added bits. It does have some scenes taken out, such as the Saruman scene at Isengard, but I'm guessing that scene will be back in the extended version.

The burning of the Shire at the end is removed, but when they were getting near that point in the movie, I knew they wouldn't have time for it. That could easily been another 45 minutes to the movie. I don't mind that it wasn't there except for missing the Saruman part there too. That part of the book was cool for the hobbits, but it wasn't my favorite part of the book so I wasn't sad that it wasn't included.

I think there were good choices on what to cut and what to play up. The battles were awesome. Eowyn had a chance to be cool instead of just pining over Aragorn. Legolas had a very cool scene with an ollyphant. Samwise is a super hero, which is cool. You lose all sympathy for Gollum in this movie. I felt sorry for him in the books until the very end, but I didn't have any throughout this movie for him.

Shelob was very gross, but I was able to watch it no problem because in my mind she was bigger and much grosser. The imagination is always worse than the real thing. I actually was freaking out more before we saw the spider because I knew it was coming. I was jumping around and trying to hide but still watching at the same time. By the time she showed up, it was okay.

I laughed everytime they yelled "Retreat!" because it was just too close to "Run away!" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I was the only one chuckling at that though. Then when the steward was about to kill Faramir because he's stupid and Pippen comes in yelling that he's not dead yet, the entire theater laughed. More Holy Grail lines! Very amusing.

I fell asleep at various points in both other movies in the theaters. It all came down to Liv Tyler on screen = sleepy time. She was hardly on screen and I stayed awake the entire time. Yeah!

My review is kinda all over the place and probably won't make sense to someone that hasn't read the books. I just need to compare them to the books. If you haven't read the books, then the ending will drag out for you because you will think it should end about five times so don't get up until you see "The End".

P.S. Random story about people at the theater. We were on the side of the theater on the aisle. A guy in front of us had jackets over two seats next to the aisle. Some lady with a newborn was asking if the seats were taken because she needed an aisle seat so she could get up and run if the baby cried. He said they were. Then she went off about how he wasn't allowed to hold seats and he needed to move and "she had a newborn" as if she was queen of the world for reproducing. All I was thinking was "Good job damaging your kid's hearing by taking a newborn to a movie with very loud sounds that their still developing ears can't handle yet." Instead I pointed out about 50 seats on the aisle for her and she went away. SMRT.

Rating: A++

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