The Hunted

The Hunted

Tommy Lee Jones must chase Benicio Del Toro as a renegade assassin that was filmed in Portland so it might be worth seeing it for our exciting bridges.

This was another movie on my family's Worst Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving. For those that don't know, my family has a Thanksgiving tradition of trying to find the perfect bad movie. It started out whatever year Bad Girls came out on video. Ok, that was 1994. We actually used to just watch movies on Thanksgiving. Anything to get my dad not to watch football. Then that year came and we decided that was the worst movie we had ever seen. The next year, my dad said "Do you think we can find a worse movie than Bad Girls?" so we try to top it each year.

We didn't get to see the end of this movie since we started watching it the same night that we ate at Melting Pot, which was a bad idea because I fell asleep 20 minutes into it. Then we watched it again the morning we were leaving. We had to stop it when we left for the airport. I have no idea how much of the movie was left.

In the parts I saw the movie shows you why Benicio's character kinda went cuckoo and is killing random people in this movie, but you don't really care. If this movie wasn't shot in Oregon, it would be just one boring long chase movie with no point. Maybe Tommy Lee Jones catches him or maybe he doesn't but whatever!

If you do happen to live in Portland though, I would say catch it on cable because it is funny. When they drag Benicio into the FBI building in Portland, it is the library downtown. When they take him out a secret side door it is the Schnitzer hall. Benicio escapes out a neighborhood that is in NE or SE Portland, turns a corner and he's in downtown. Tommy Lee Jones is in the waterfall park area near Keller Auditorium at one point and looks across the street into the skate park under Burnside. It's hilarious! If you aren't from here then the movie would probably not be that funny.

I might regrade this if I ever see the end of it, but until then…

Rating: C

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