Bubba Ho-Tep

Bubba Ho-Tep


What if Elvis switched places with an Elvis impersonator and didn’t get a chance to switch back before the other one died? He would end up in an East Texas retirement home, alongside a black man who believes he is JFK, and they both have to fight a mummy soulsucker. It’s a Bruce Campbell movie of course!

The premiere of the movie at Cinema 21 was supposed to have a live appearance of Bruce Campbell, but he canceled his appearance. We did get a special message from him shown in front of the movie. He said that he was depending on people to tell their friends about the movie since no big movie studio or their marketing department would touch it. It was up to us to help distribute it since they can only get it into 10 theaters so far. He also took a phone call during the message and said, “Sam Raimi? Would I be interested in Evil Dead 4? Hell yeah!” That made the audience quite excited.


It was a fun audience to watch the movie with because they would cheer when they would see Bruce Campbell’s name on the screen and cheered when he first appeared on the screen. When Elvis was preparing to do a karate move on a scary flying bug, people cheered again. There was much hooting and hollering going on.

As for the movie, it was amusing and extremely silly. Bruce Campbell was his usual cool self. The guy playing JFK was funny. I think Bruce had some funny lines that we couldn’t hear because people were laughing too loud at the last funny line he said.

I would recommend this movie to any Bruce Campbell fan. As for those that have not seen his movies or don’t enjoy his work, then they probably wouldn’t like this either. There must be something wrong with them then.

Rating: B

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