Gangs of New York


It is New York in the 1860’s with DiCaprio seeking revenge against the man that killed his father.

Overall I thought it was okay but I also thought it was too long. I don’t have an aversion towards long movies, but they do have to hold my interest. It came on 2 DVD’s from Netflix. I fell asleep sometime during the second one. I think it was during the time that all the gangs were starting up again for the big showdown and the draft was coming into play in New York.

I thought the movie should have either concentrated on how life was like back then or on DiCaprio and Day-Lewis, but when it started concentrating on the rich folks, poor people, Civil War and other stuff it just seemed to lose focus. Actually I think it all could have worked well together if it actually had focus. For example, if the main characters actually cared about any of that but all Bill the Butcher cared about was ruling over everything and all Amsterdam cared about was avenging┬áhis father’s death. They were never focused on anything else so I didn’t see why we would be invested in it either.

It could have been much better than it was but bleh.

Rating: C+


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One thought on “Gangs of New York

  • June 24, 2003 at 6:01 pm

    I enjoyed the movie, although the blood did get to me a couple of times. I don’t know how much is fact or fiction either but it was very interesting just to see the living conditions in New York.

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