Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Director: Robert Rodriguez

The third movie in the El Mariachi trilogy, but it’s really just a sequel to Desperado since that was just a remake of El Mariachi. Confused yet?

Plot line was entertaining, characters were interesting, and the good guy wins (of course.) I enjoyed the movie very much… but I can’t say that it was the best ever. At least Enrique didn’t suck which is what I was expecting… :)) A little bit much on the bloody side – but what can you expect from a plot line set on in the middle of a revolution with planned murders of figureheads.

It was interesting to see Desperado before this movie. Antonio’s character gets shot in the hand which is why he stops playing guitar AND why he wears a leather strappy thing over his hand in this movie. I watched Desperado the day before going to see this movie so I was able to make a lot of comparisons. I was happy to see they didn’t sway completely away from the first one.

Good show overall!

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