25th Hour

25th Hour


Edward Norton has one last day of partying before serving seven-year jail sentence for drug dealing.

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. Edward Norton wants to say goodbye to his friends from school and his dad before going off to jail.

Most of the characters were great and not one-dimensional. Anna Panquin could have been, but she wasn’t. She played the annoying, talks a lot, high school girl driving Philip Seymour Hoffman crazy since he is her teacher thinking naughty thoughts about her. Barry Pepper plays his stockbroker friend who has conflicted feelings about his friend deserving to go to jail for dealing drugs and not wanting him to go away for it.


The only character that really was a waste was Norton’s girlfriend. She was hardly around and they didn’t do much with her while she was there.

There was one scene that should have been cut and was totally a waste of time. He rants in the bathroom Spike Lee-style (this is a Spike Lee movie) about how he hates all these races and foreigners in New York, how he hates himself, and then how he loves all of it. It didn’t fit in with the rest of the movie and kinda messed up the flow of things.

Other than that, it was all very involving.

Rating: A-

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