A Guy Thing

Don’t ya just hate when you wake up in the bed with a pretty girl who just happens to be the cousin of your fiance?

We also watched this with Keiran and Erin the same night we watched Equilibrium. It took me a while to remember the movie, since it was that forgettable. I should say that I do not like Selma Blair. She just bugs me for no good reason. I just don’t like her. Julia Stiles and Jason Lee are fine and bug-free.

The movie also starred my guy from The State (Thomas Lennon), who is also in Reno 911. As a side note, when The State was on MTV (it was a sketch show for four seasons) when I was in college, we had a drinking game for it (of course). You would drink when your cast member appeared on screen. Jason’s brother in the movie was my guy, so I kept wanting to drink whenever I saw him.

I think that might have been the only good thing about the movie. It was very predictable. You knew what was going to happen almost from the beginning. If I was sitting in the comfy chair, I probably would have fallen asleep and not missed anything, but I didn’t. Too bad.

Rating: D

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