The Devil’s Backbone

The Devil’s Backbone


Creepy ghost story taking place in a Spanish orphanage during the Civil War.

When I added a bunch of movies to Netflix, I had some foreign films here and there. Unintentionally, three of them showed up at the same time. By the time we reached this one, Jer was done reading subtitles. We have had this movie for four months. I was about to send it back since I didn’t think we would ever watch it when Jer finally wanted to watch it.


I’m glad we did. I enjoyed it. It is a Spanish movie that takes place during the Spanish Civil War at a school for orphaned children. There is a ghost that haunts the school of a kid that was killed. It is creepy like The Others, but it isn’t gross. It isn’t as scary as The Others either, but it is creepy.

There is also a little side story that explains the title of the movie about deformed babies with their spines on the outside of their bodies. The school doctor shows the main character the fetuses inside jars filled with rum or something like rum. He would sell this to the locals in town because people believed it would cure various illnesses. I dubbed this baby juice.

Rating: B+

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